100 Hot Drawing Ideas

100 hot drawing ideas

Drawing Inspiration at Your Fingertips

Let's face it, we all struggle with what to draw next. This article will give you the 100 hottest drawing ideas which you can use as inspiration for your next project.

If you are not sure which one to pick, then write out the list below onto a scrap piece of paper, close you eyes and point to a spot on the paper. Whichever item you are pointing at, is what you draw.

For even more ideas, scroll past the list, there I show you 8 ways to increase this list tenfold within seconds.

What is important is that you keep drawing - draw small quick sketches sometimes, draw large intricate projects at other times. Either way it is the practice that you are getting which will ensure you keep improving.

Remember practice makes perfect :)

Let's Go:

drawing ideas - elephant

1. Draw an elephant

2. Draw a soccer ball

3. Draw a house

4. Draw a ballerina

5. Draw a bottle of perfume

6. Draw a lion

7. Draw a cat

8. Draw a sailing boat

9. Draw a fish

10. Water lily

11. Cupcake

12. Seashells

13. Wolf

14. Your watch

15. Car

16. Phone

17. Fighter Jet

18. Pistol

19. Rubic's cube

20. Holiday

21. Harbour Bridge

22. Rocks

23. Giraffe

24. Misty forest

25. Elegance

26. Chimpanzee

27. Hot air balloons

28. Shoes

29. Skull

30. Sand dunes

drawing ideas - knot in a rope

31. Knot in a rope

32. Cosmos flower

33. Orange juice

34. A rat in me kitchen

35. A bee flying to...

36. Lighthouse

37. Spider

38. Breaking wave

39. Lightning

40. Water crashing against rocks

41. Cow

42. A road to nowhere

43. Eagle

44. Chickadee

45. Something scary

drawing ideas - random patterns

46. Random patterns

47. Water drops

48. Ancient key

49. Bouquet of flowers

50. Seagull

51. Bowl of fruit

52. Hands

53. Order

54. Jacket

55. Machinery

56. Hair

57. Ear

58. Fluffy dog

59. Nose

60. Night sky

drawing ideas - eye

61. Eye

62. Pencils

63. Graffiti

64. Something cold

65. Skyscraper

66. Lost in the forest

67. Mouth

68. Music

69. River

70. Angry

71. Farmhouse

72. Cliffs

73. Loaf of bread

74. Sunset

75. Popcorn at the movies

drawing ideas - berries

76. Berries

77. Something yummy

78. Tree

79. Chaos

80. Apples

81. Wine glass

82. Playing in the mist

83. Money

84. Rose

85. Sunglasses

86. Meadow

87. Talking tree

88. Soft toy

drawing ideas - onion

89. Onion

90. Book

91. School bus

92. Love

93. Black and White

94. Teddy Bear

95. Something Oriental

96. Fire

97. Spoon

98. Aliens

99. Canyon

100. Silence

Need More Inspiration?

This list is not just meant to give you a specific drawing idea, it is your springboard to thousands more drawing ideas.

This is how you can use the list to generate as many subjects to draw as you want:

  1. You can take the subject and draw it as you see. For example if an item on the list suggests drawing a shoe, then you can draw a shoe.
  2. You can draw the opposite if what the list suggests. In our shoe example you may decide that the opposite of a shoe in a bare foot, then you can draw a foot.
  3. You can draw a complimentary item to the one on the list, so in our example you may draw a still life with socks and shoes.
  4. You can draw something similar to the one on the list, like a gumboot or pair of roller skates
  5. You can make up a story using the item on the list. For our shoe example, you may think of drawing a shoe walking in to town to go buy some shoelaces. Then you draw that scene.
  6. You can decide what emotion the item on the list makes you think of, then draw that emotion. For example, a shoe may make you think of something funny that happened recently while you were out hiking, so you then capture that laughter in your drawing by drawing rendering of the funny scene from the hiking trip.
  7. You can think of what rhymes with the word on the list and draw that. For example, shoe rhymes with kangaroo, so you can draw a kangaroo.
  8. You can even take that a step further by thinking up a poem or saying containing the item on the list....

As you can see with just a little bit of imagination, this list of 100 items can quickly become thousands.

The important thing is to use the to keep yourself drawing. When you find yourself sitting without inspiration, pick any item on the list and start drawing. The minute you start drawing you will be able to relax and enjoy the process of drawing.

When that happens you will find that your brain also relaxes and that is when the ideas for the next drawing start to flow.


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