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Earn a Monthly Recurring Income With This Great Product

Note to Clickbank Affiliates - We do NOT use the Clickbank program anymore. Our affiliate program is now in-house. Please create an account here and if required please update your links.

At we have over 500 draw and paint along classes and courses totaling over 800 hours worth of art instruction. Every month we add new tutorials to the site so this number just keeps on growing.

As a result our members join and stay for years.

We want to help as many artists improve their art and we want you to help us. In return we are happy to share the profits with you.

You help us get the word out about our awesome classes to fellow artists and we will give you 45% of the profit. This means you have the opportunity to build yourself a fantastic recurring monthly income. An income that can help you pay the bills, or pay for your own membership here. How does that sound?

If it sounds good, read on to see how easy it is to promote our classes.

How it Works

You can instantly start earning a healthy commission just by sending your friends, family and website traffic to the Online Art Lessons website.

Each time one of your visitors becomes a member, you get a cool 45% of the membership profit sent your way - every single month!!!

Refer just 3 friends and your own membership is paid for. Refer more and you are making money to pay the bills, or even to pay for your own art supplies.

What Do I Have to Do?

  1. Join the affiliate program
  2. Promote the course
  3. Get paid

It really is as easy as that, simply follow the instructions below to get started.

You Earn 45% per Sale

Step 1 - Join the Affiliate Program

Create yourself a FREE affiliate account by clicking HERE

Tip - If you have a related website or targeted mailing list (500+) feel free to contact us to discuss getting free membership access to the site in order to review it before promoting.

Step 2 - Create Your Affiliate Links

Now you want to create your affiliate links. (You can link to any page on the site and get credit for the referral.

You do it like this:

Go your Affiliate Profile Page by clicking the Yellow Button at the top of this page (you need to log in to see the button).

Then visit the Creatives tab to generate your unique affiliate links.

We Have Made It Easy

There are currently over 100 free text and time lapse tutorials on the website and we are constantly adding more.

This means you can send your friends and website visitors to these free tutorials. They will see there are paint and draw along classes as well and join in order to get access.

So by sending people to free tutorials, you get to build up a growing recurring income.

To make things even easier, each tutorial page includes a banner at the top of the page as well as a Pinnable vertical banner at the bottom of the page.

You are welcome to download and use these banners on your site in order to promote the class to your website visitors.

Remember - you are here to assist you with any affiliate enquiries you may have. If need a specific graphic or a certain wording or help adding things to your website, just Contact Us and we will do our best to help.

Keep Up To Date

Stay up to date with new affiliate assets added to this area, as well as any new products I have available to promote

Thank You

Thank you for choosing to help me promote, I look forward to working with you.