Finger Painting Tutorial – Starry Night

Skill Level : 1 Beginner, 2 Intermediate

Medium : Acrylic Painting, Oil Painting

Subject : Landscapes

Tutor : Nolan Clark

Class Length : 1 hour 22 minutes

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Silver Level or Higher Class

Class Description

Learn how to paint the classic Starry Night by van Gogh using only your fingers. Finger painting is incredibly fun and getting a little messy is part of the excitement, lol. Join me for an adventure like no other.

You can follow this tutorial in oil or acrylic.

During the class you will learn:

1) What equipment you need for finger painting
2) What types of paintings work well for finger painting
3) How to keep your hands clean (well mostly, lol)
4) How to create an impressionistic effect using only your fingers
5) How to deal with finer detail
6) and much more...

For the class you will need:

1) Canvas (I used a 500mm x 400mm / 19.5" x 16" canvas)
2) Titanium White, French Ultramarine, Cobalt Blue, Cerulean Blue, Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Orange

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