Composition Made Easy Course

Skill Level : 1 Beginner

Medium : All Mediums

Subject : General

Tutor : Dennis Clark

Class Length : 2 hours 32 minutes

Avg Rating :

Silver Level or Higher Course

Have you ever had a painting that just didn't look right?

Getting the composition of your painting correct can mean the difference between a painting that turns heads and sells in an instant to one that just looks wrong.

Trying to fathom out how to compose a painting can be a daunting affair for many artists, especially when working from photographs. Many artists will be surprised to know just how many different types of compositions there are to choose from, most only know of only 3 to 4 at the most.

How many can you name?

In this course, Dennis reveals ALL 17!!!

Dennis has put all his 65 years worth of composition knowledge together in this course to enable all artists to producing better quality paintings. Paintings that tell a story, paintings that people remember, paintings that sell. Dennis also unravels the secret to the mystifying Golden Mean - you will be amazed at the surprising conclusion which reveals the best place to paint your focal point.

Throughout Dennis uses many photographs, illustrations and animations to show you exactly how to use each composition type.

This course is a MUST for the every artist - from the rank beginner to the professional. The course also includes a handy printable composition reference chart as well as a bonus set of videos where Dennis analyzes some of his paintings as well as takes you through the full process of composing a painting - from idea to composition to final painting.

Composition Made Easy course contents:

  • 17 Videos Explaining the 17 Composition Types
  • Special Focal Point Showdown Video Showing the Best Position To Place Your Focal Point
  • Bonus Practical Demonstration Video
  • Bonus Printable Reference Wall Chart

This is the most comprehensive composition course available!

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