The 12 Secrets of Reflective Water

Skill Level : 1 Beginner, 2 Intermediate

Medium : Acrylic Painting, Oil Painting, Pastel Painting, Pencil Drawing, Watercolour Painting

Subject : Landscapes

Tutor : Nolan Clark

Class Length : 57 minutes

Avg Rating :

Silver Level or Higher Class

Class Description

In this theory lesson you will learn what the 12 secrets are to painting and drawing realistic reflective water. Without these 12 elements your water will never look real, shiny or wet.

Latest Reviews

Well explained theory class, Thanks Nolan :)

Tracey Langham

Very informative


Thank you for the wonderful insights!!! You explained all aspects of painting water, reflection refraction and depth and surface nuances so beautifully! Amazing insights! thank you! :)

Dolly Mauji

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