Sketching Basics

Skill Level : 1 Beginner, 2 Intermediate

Medium : Pencil Drawing

Subject : Animals, Flowers, Landscapes, Portraits, Seascapes, Still Life

Tutor : Nolan Clark

Class Length : 7 Hours 30 Minutes

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Silver Level or Higher Course

Learn How to Sketch

In this six week introduction to sketching course you will learn the basics of sketching.

We will start from scratch learning what to sketch, what equipment you need, etc.

You will then gradually build up your skills and techniques until you are confidently sketching like a boss :)

sketching equipment

Week 1


We start off the course with a short intro video where I show you the fantastic range of drawing options that are available to you when you sketch.

Sketching Equipment

We will then go through all the equipment you need in order to sketch.

(You will be amazed at how little you need)

Techniques Overview

I show you what lies ahead in the course by teaching you about the two different sketching categories.

Loose Sketching

The next 6 modules will teach you about the correct sketching posture, notan sketches, Tonal Sketches, sketching using angles, sketching using shapes.

Week 2

Practical Exercises

This week we take our knowledge from last week and put it into practice.

We will practice tonal range sketches, angle sketches as well as our shape sketching techniques.

This will grow your confidence as well as your eye hand co-ordination enabling you to accurately redraw the basics of ANY scene.

You will be able to use these new skills in all your future drawings and paintings.

sketching practice
sketching cross hatching

Week 3


Now that you have the basics of the redrawing the scene onto your drawing paper, we start learning the techniques required to add detail to our sketches.

This week you will learn what hatching, cross hatching and cross contour hatching is.

We will then do several exercises together so you can get fully acquainted with the hatching technique.

Week 4


Scumbling is a much unused and misunderstood sketching technique. Yet it is incredibly powerful for when you are looking for lots of texture in your sketches.

This week you will learn what scumbling is, how you can develop your own unique scumbling style and then how to use it to draw amazing detail quicker than any other technique.

As always we will do several sketches together so that you can get enough practice to confidently use scumbling in your own sketches.

sketching scumbling
continuous line sketching

Week 5

Continuous Line

The next technique we will learn in the course is called Continuous Line Sketching.

As it's name implies we will sketch entire drawings without ever lifting up our pencil.

These sketches can be simple or built up to contain tons of detail. It all depends on when you decide to end the line.

This technique is an amazing learning experience and will teach you to simplify what you see down to it's basic components.

A challenging but fun experience.

Week 6

Timed Sketches

We will round off the course by challenging ourselves even further by learning to do timed sketches.

Sketching to a tight time limit teaches you to observe accurately and draw only what is required to capture the scene.

This skill is incredibly handy when sketching outdoors when the lighting changes so quickly. It is also fabulous for when sketching while on tour as you often only have minutes to create a reminder of where you are before moving on to the next destination.

By the end of this week you will not only be ready to move on to life drawing, but be sketching like a Boss!!!

timed sketches