How to Paint an Early Morning Walk in Acrylic

Skill Level : 1 Beginner, 2 Intermediate

Medium : Acrylic Painting

Subject : Landscapes

Tutor : Dennis Clark

Class Length : 2 hours 49 minutes

Avg Rating :

Silver Level or Higher Class

Class Description

There is nothing better than a brisk early morning walk in the countryside and to breathe in the cool fresh air. As the sun rises over the horizon the bright colours and the long shadows seem to compete with each other. After mid morning, the shadows are the losers.

In this lesson you will learn:

1.  How to add a morning glow to the sky
2.  How to paint a mountain in the distance
3.  How to add the contrasts for best results
4.  How to paint the sunlit grass
5.  How the simplify the foreground detail.

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A very well presented class. however the addition of subtitles would have helped me considerably..


Just finished my first painting. I love how it turned out. Great step by step instructions. Thank you!

Sarah Hawkins

Class Tutorial


transfer the template onto the drawing

Print out the two A4 size template sheets and align them using the marked arrow pointers. Tape the two sheets securely and transfer the outlines to your canvas support. For this lesson a black carbon paper was used.

Paint the sky

colors used for the sky

Ultramarine Blue and Crimson Red plus white is used for the sky mix. For the clouds a touch of Cadmium orange is added to some white. Don't make it too pink.

paint the sky

Add a slight orange glow to the sky on the horizon and paint in some cloud streaks with the pastry brush.

Mountain highlights

For the early morning glow on the mountain gently touch in some of the cloud colour as shown. Don't overdo it.

Painting the distant trees

paint distant trees

Add some orange to Viridian to reduce the brilliance of the green colour and with the pastry brush paint the trees behind the house. (To preserve the sharp lines of the house stick small sections of masking tape to the inside edges of the house)

Painting the house

paint the house

Remove the masking tape and block the roof in with Raw Umber. Block in the walls with a lighter tone of Raw Umber.

Painting the grassy area

painting the grassy area

With varying mixtures of the green and yellow paint the area as shown. For the shadow areas add a tiny touch of red to the green mix. Sharpen up the sunshine area near the house with a little bit of white mixed into the Cadmium Yellow.

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Paint the left hand trees

paint the trees

Add the purple/brown shadow area between the trees and suggestions of some young trees. Paint the tree trunks with Raw Umber.

add the branches

Add all the smaller branches and twigs using a #2 rigger brush. Remember that all the branches and twigs get thinner towards the ends.

adding highlights to the trees

With some orange, add the highlights to the tree trunks. Using a small round brush, dab in the undergrowth with dark green and some lighter green for the leaves in sunlight.

paint in the pathway

With a purple mix add the shadows across the pathway as well as the foreground shadow.

Paint the fence

paint the fence

Block in the wooden fence with Raw Umber and then also block in the immediate foreground with Raw Umber and a bit of purple.

Foreground grass

paint the foreground grass

Use a bristle fan brush for adding this grass.  Flick in the grass with the fan brush with an upward motion. Use a variation of colours for interest.

Paint the figure

paint the figure in the painting

Don't paint the head too big – just a small dot. Add the highlight to the side of the figure. Add the cast shadow on the pathway.

Finishing of the painting

final touch ups

Randomly dot in a few flowers for interest.

Final painting

final painting

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