How to Draw a Dandelion

Skill Level : 1 Beginner, 2 Intermediate

Medium : Pencil Drawing

Subject : Flowers, Landscapes

Tutor : Nolan Clark

Class Length : 1 hour 16 minutes

Avg Rating :

Silver Level or Higher Class

Class Description

Learn how to draw a realistic dandelion in this online art class.

During the class you will learn :

  • How to draw a bokeh effect from various distances so that we can show depth in the drawing
  • How to draw grasses and rain drops in silhouette
  • How to draw a dandelion
  • How to add highlights for maximum contrast and effect
  • and much more...

For the class you will need:

  1. A4 or Letter size paper (I used photocopy paper)
  2. Set of pencils
  3. Teardrop shaped make up sponge
  4. Graphite dust - or make your own
  5. Kneaded eraser
  6. Electric eraser

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