Art Studio Tour 2020

Art Studio Tour

April 2020 Newsletter

Before we start the studio tour. I want to update you on the exciting changes I have been making in the background so far this year. Please watch the newsletter email below. You will be glad you did.

(If you are in a hurry I have added timestamps below the video so you can scroll to the announcements you are most interested in.)

Here are subjects discussed in the newsletter and the timestamps if you want to quickly get to each.

0:08 - New Paint Basket Focus
1:05 - Survey Feedback
2:38 - New Studio Quick Look
4:03 - New Forum Plan
6:25 - Consolidating Different Websites & Features
8:55 - In What Mediums Future Classes Will Be.
12:00 - Classes vs Courses & Class Format
17:20 - Selling Your Art
18:27 - Which Classes Come Next
19:35 - Solution to Problems Resetting Your Paint Basket Password
20:48 - Paint Basket Help Page
21:22 - Live Classes
26:25 - New Pricing Structure

Important - New Pricing Structure

If you buy your classes individually, you can view the new pricing structure at Paint Basket HERE.

If you pay monthly / prefer a Netflix type option, you can view the new Online Art Lessons level options HERE.

Art Studio Tour

Below is the video tour of my art studio:

I hope you enjoyed the tour :)

View a tour of the Paint Basket art studio

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