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Join us in the next live class. In these classes we discuss and learn various things.

Each class is different so always check the program for the class below to see what equipment, etc., you need for the class. You can leave this page open when the live class is about to start, when the counter reaches zero, you will be let into the live class.

The classes are friendly and informal, so relax and have fun.

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How to draw a lion portrait

In this live class we will draw this awesome lion portrait.

The aim of the class is to get a lot of detail into the fur.

For the class you will need:

A4 / letter drawing paper - must be thick, at least 185gsm (can have some texture or smooth)
Your regular drawing pencils
kneaded eraser
empty ball point pen

Print out all three reference photos, but don't transfer anything to the drawing paper yet. We will do that in class.

See you then :)