Don't You Just Hate Sales Pages?

(Yeah, We Do Too!)

This is supposed to be the sales page for our
VIP Membership option...

Insert Sales Video HERE

Like You, We Would Rather Be In The Studio Drawing and Painting Stuff

Like This:

Or This:

Not just because it's a Lot More Fun than writing sales letters, but because we know that...

Practice Makes Perfect


(We made this BIG because our advertising guy said we must use big, important words in the sales letter)

The more you Draw and Paint the better you get.

Your drawings start out looking like this:

and before you know it they turn out like this:

your paintings go from this:

to this:

(Note - These are member artworks because it would take too long to fetch the ladder to get our own artworks down from the cupboard)

and that is where the Problem Starts

we are not sure if our members become so good because of our Unique Four Step Teaching Method


Explain The Theory Behind The Practical So You Understand What You Are Doing


Show The Techniques Step by Step So You Know What To Do


You Follow Along With the Tutor While Creating Your Artwork


After You Have Completed Your Artwork, You Submit It For Feedback From Tutors & Peers

or if it's because they get
Full Length Tutorial Videos

which allows them to draw or paint along

(there are around 300 Classes)

Each class is FULL LENGTH - generally around 2 hours long - so nothing is left to the imagination. We explain the theory and the thinking behind the artwork, then show you the techniques required to complete the artwork. With most classes you can set up your drawing or painting equipment and work along with the video.

with Unlimited Access to the classes

As a member you can watch each class as often as you want. You have 24/7 access to your classes so you can take a few hours or a few weeks to complete each artwork. You can rewind and re-watch as much as needed to ensure you are 100% sure what to do, every step of the way.

or if it's because they get classes in
Lots of Different Mediums like

or if it's because they get Constructive Feedback from us and their fellow members in the

Awesome & Supportive Community

Connect and chat with fellow students. Post your artworks for feedback from the group and and get answers to your questions. This is your place to chat with and meet fellow artists from all around the world.

so if we had to waste time writing Silly Sales Letters we wouldn't have the time to do all this AND still

give Regular Live Classes

(Every other week we meet for an hour long live class. During the class you can ask your questions and chat with the your fellow students via a chat box while following along with the tutor in real time.)

record new In-Depth Courses

(Over and above all the classes, you will also be able to follow various courses. Courses differ from classes. In a class you will complete a particular artwork. A course consists of various classes on a specific topic which will open over a period of time. For example our course on composition has 17 modules / videos each explaining a different composition technique. This course opens over a period of 1 month. That way you learn without becoming overwhelmed.)

or create the Comprehensive eBooks

(Each of our classes has an accompanying full length ebook. Together these ebooks form classes and courses of their own and contain additional info, hints, tips and tutorials, which we were not able to cover in the class video. There are literally thousands of pages (currently over 3000 pages) of exclusive ebooks created by our tutors waiting for you to download and reference from. As with the courses, these ebooks unlock over time, so your library of art manuals will grow along with your artistic ability.)

that help our members Improve so Dramatically

So Instead of Us Wasting Time Trying To Create a Pretty Sales Page
Why Don't We Just Do This:

we'll open up ALL the Class Videos to you

(There are over 300 of them already - over 600 hours worth of high quality tuition)

for only $19/month

(Which is around sixty odd cents a day - In other words it's dirt cheap)

then you can follow as many classes as you like

and watch them as often as you like

(Yes, even on your phone or tablet - as long as you are connected to the Internet)

that way you can have a good look around to see if our classes are as awesome as we say they are

if they are not we'll give you your money back

We know that you will love our classes and learn more than you have every learned before. As a result we offer a 60 day money back guarantee. If you feel that our classes are not helping you to improve your artworks, then we will gladly refund you your money. In other words you have nothing to lose, but your artworks have everything to gain.

if they are we'll lock in your price

For as long as you remain a member, your membership will always cost you the same. No price increases or surprises later on down the line.

you can of course cancel at any time

We do not require you to sign any long term agreements to become a VIP member. You can cancel your membership at any time by visiting your profile and clicking the Cancel button. It really is as easy as that.

so here is everything you will get as an Ugly Sales Page VIP Member:

Class Videos

Instantly Unlock Over 300 Full Length Art Class Videos

Live Classes

Attend Regular Live Online Art Classes

Art Courses

Get Access To Comprehensive Art Courses

Different Mediums

Classes and Courses In Many Mediums

Art eBooks

Get Access To Reference Material & eBooks

Fresh Classes

Are Added To Your Membership Weekly

Unlimited Access

Watch Your Classes As Often As You Want

Get Feedback

Share And Get Feedback On Your Artworks

We usually sell these classes individually for $9 each. Which means this offer is incredible value for money.

so please don't delay, click the Join Now button below

Join Monthly

Pay Month to Month, Cancel at Any Time


(You will pay $19 [worldcurrency curr=”USD” value=”19″] now, then $19 [worldcurrency curr=”USD” value=”19″] every month thereafter until you cancel)

(Your payments are 100% private & secure and come with our 60 day money back guarantee)


Join for 12 Months

Pay Once Off and Get 12 Months Access



(You will pay $95 now - no monthly payments)

(Your payments are 100% private & secure and come with our 60 day money back guarantee)

Okay we are heading back to the studio to create some more awesome artworks, come join us

PS - Others that have already joined us are saying all sorts of nice things like

I am a huge fan of your artwork and teachings. I have learned a lot from you already and can't wait to learn more! Love all your video's!! You are a great instructor and you always make me smile. Thank you!!!


I  can attest to the remarkable progress I have made in my art skills since joining Paint Basket.  I had absolutely no skill or interest in art until just less than two years ago.  Now it's all I want to do.

Taking the drawing classes was the biggest help as I had never drawn anything.  Now I feel more confident painting because I can shape things free hand.

Nolan and Dennis are amazing and the Paint Basket members are the best group of people I have ever known.


PPS - If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us

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Join Monthly

Pay Month to Month, Cancel at Any Time


(You will pay $19 [worldcurrency curr=”USD” value=”19″] now, then $19 [worldcurrency curr=”USD” value=”19″] every month thereafter until you cancel)

(Your payments are 100% private & secure and come with our 60 day money back guarantee)

Join for 6 Months

Pay Once Off and Get 6 Months Access


(You will pay $95 [worldcurrency curr=”USD” value=”95″] now – no monthly payments)

(Your payments are 100% private & secure and come with our 60 day money back guarantee)