How to Simplify a Scene in Watercolour

Skill Level : 1 Beginner, 2 Intermediate

Medium : Watercolour Painting

Subject : General, Landscapes

Tutor : Dennis Clark

Class Length : 2 hours 08 minutes

Avg Rating :

Gold Level or Higher Class

Class Description

Many artists simply paint direct from a photograph and try to paint every single detail exactly as they see it in the photograph. Why paint it then? To be a painting it should be "painterly", in other words, it should look like a painting, and not like a photograph. Painted to look like a photograph just shows the technical skills of the artist without the character of a painting. The answer to "Painterly" is to simplify. so let's get started!

In this lesson you will learn:

1.    How to simplify a painting
2.    How to find positive and negative spaces
3.    How to resolve colour perspective
4.    How to use a program like Fotosketcher
5.    Examples: Highly detailed objects right through to almost abstract
6.    Importance of lost and found edges
7.    And heaps more...

Latest Reviews

Another difficult concept for beginners which was well presented. Simplifying a scene is not intuitively simple. I am starting to grasp this concept and fells I got a good head start. Thank you.


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