12 Days of Christmas

What do you battle the most with in your art?


Is it

  • Color Mixing?
  • Painting More Realistic?
  • Painting Looser?
  • Learning a New Medium?


Whatever you are struggling with or wanting to learn, let 2018 be the year to do it.


Whether you want to learn how to

  • paint in watercolor, oil or acrylic.
  • draw in pencil,
  • paint realistically,
  • paint portraits,
  • mix your colors perfectly,

or pretty much anything else,

we have a class or course for that.

This Christmas we want to give you the keys you need to achieve all your art goals for the coming year.


We want to give you access to over 500 art classes and courses in a variety of mediums.


There are classes in

  • pencil drawing,
  • oil painting,
  • acrylic painting,
  • watercolor painting,
  • soft pastel,
  • pen & ink drawing,

even some lesser known mediums like water soluble oil paints and scratchboard drawing are covered.


You are guaranteed to not only move your artworks to the next level,

but also expand your horizons dramatically with classes ranging from the absolute beginner basics to

  • landscapes,
  • portraits,
  • still life,
  • seascapes,
  • animals,

and so much more.


Want paint or draw realistically? We've got you covered.

Want to paint or draw quick and loose, or even paint in abstracts? We got you covered there too.

How about working in mixed media? We have a course for you in that too.

You name it, we have you covered.


We however don't want to improve only in 2018, we want you to keep on improving forever. As a result we want to give you unlimited access to ALL our classes FOREVER.


All the classes are step by step paint / draw along classes.

Nothing is left to the imagination. You get to see every single brush stroke and pencil mark as it is made.


Yet you will learn to work fast, no sitting around for days or weeks to complete an artwork. Each artwork is generally completed within 2 hours or less. So you can set yourself a time to create, work along with the tutor and leave with a fantastic artwork completed and good enough to hang in your lounge.


If you follow one class per day, it will take you more than a year to complete them all. There is however no rush to do so. You will have lifetime unlimited access to all the classes, so you can

  • take as long as you want to complete each artwork
  • fast forward and rewind the class as often as you want
  • watch each class as many times as you want
  • follow the classes in order that you want
  • watch the classes any time, any place you have Internet access


Get the keys to painting and drawing success this Christmas with

UNLIMITED LIFETIME access to 500 art projects.

Normally $19/month.

For the next few days under Christmas day

only $199

Offer ends in: