How to Paint Everyday Clouds in Watercolour

Skill Level : 1 Beginner

Medium : Watercolour Painting

Subject : Landscapes

Tutor : Dennis Clark

Class Length : 2 hours 14 minutes

Avg Rating :

Silver Level or Higher Class

Class Description

Clouds form one of the most interesting parts of a landscape painting. We see them almost every day in all various forms and shapes - from wisps to storm clouds. They become so familiar that often we do not even give them a second glance. In this lesson you will begin to learn the mystery of painting clouds in watercolour.

In this class you will learn:

1.    How to prepare the paper
2.    Paint a simple cloud study to get you started
3.    Tricks for painting cumulus clouds.
4.    Discuss some of the cloud types
5.    Paint a landscape with clouds as the focal point.

Latest Reviews

This class on clouds demystify the difficulties of painting clouds by first explaining the basic formation of clouds, while not turning it into a physic lesson. Understanding clouds really simplify how to paint them so they look natural. One must really understand a topic well to teach it so clearly. Thank you.


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