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I am a huge fan of your artwork and teachings. I have learned a lot from you already and can't wait to learn more! Love all your video's!! You are a great instructor and you always make me smile. Thank you!!!


Hi I'm Nolan

and I have been a professional artist and art tutor for the last 20 years.

It has been a long and tough journey getting my art up to the standard where it is now.

Along the way I have made probably every mistake in the book.

Learning how to mix my paints so the colours match, knowing which is the best brush to use and even knowing which image / scene will make a good painting has come through thousands of failed and mediocre paintings.

Here you can see what one of my earlier paintings looked like.

Not bad for a beginner.

I already understood the colour wheel and so on, but I was severely lacking in all other aspects of my art knowledge.

Little did I know that it would take me 10 years of struggle to be able to paint like this.

10 years of experimenting and frustration.

10 years of paintings in the dustbin.

Today, another 10 years later, I am still learning and growing as an artist, but I can clearly see that there has been a long journey behind me.

One which I could easily have avoided and shortened considerably if I had the resources available today.

Don't Waste 20 Years

You could also, like me, struggle along, learning everything the hard way. I know from experience that it is probably going to take you 20 years to get where you want to be as well.

Not to mention all the paint and canvas you will waste along the way.

Why not choose the easy route instead?

Let Me Be Your Guide

Getting good at art doesn't take talent, it takes a lot of brush miles.

Lots and lots of paint on the canvas.

If you know what to do before you start putting paint onto the canvas then you can dramatically cut back on those brush miles.

I would like to help you do just that.

350+ Art Classes at Your Fingertips

online art classes

By showing you what I have learned along the way.

I want to show you all my tricks and techniques that can help you paint better than you ever thought possible.

Pack Out Your Paints & Brushes

There are over 350 amazing art projects waiting for you inside totaling over 700 hours worth of HD quality video.

In each of them you will pack out your art supplies and follow along to the lesson.

As you do I will not only show you everything I do, but will also stop to tell you WHY I am doing things a certain way.

That way you will understand the thought process behind each step of the process. This will allow you to apply the techniques and tricks I teach you to your own unique paintings afterwards.

24/7 Art Tutor at Your Service

artist follow art classes

Watch each class as many times as you need, whenever you want, 24/7/365. As long as you have an Internet connection, Your art classes will be ready and waiting.

These aren't just short, sped up Youtube videos either. Each class is in-depth and recorded using up to 4 HD cameras simultaneously to ensure you get the best view possible at all times.

You can see every brush stroke as well as the colour mixing. I also show the reference photo on the video to make it easy for you to compare as you paint.

As we paint I explain everything I am doing step by step.

online art lessons video player

Download Reference pdfs

Each class comes with a Reference pdf which you can download. This contains a high resolution copy of the reference photo(s) which you can open on your device to zoom in and out on as you paint.

Each pdf also contains other reference materials like a copy of the final painting / the palette so you can see their true colours and details.

Many also contain a tiled template which you can print out in order to quickly transfer the sketch to your canvas. These templates save you a lot of time trying to enlarge the scene manually using grids, etc.

Many Mediums to Choose From

art classes in different mediums

Although I mainly concentrate on acrylic painting, oil painting and pencil drawing on the site, there are also many classes and courses in other mediums like watercolour, soft pastel, pen & ink, scratchboard and mixed media for you to follow.

New classes are added monthly so there are always plenty of subjects to choose from.

Plenty of Feedback & Support

I am on the website daily answering your questions and giving you feedback on your class artworks.

Helping you is my full time "job" thanks to the support of yourself and our other members.

I am constantly creating new classes and courses as well as upgrading and improving the website to make this the best place to learn on the Internet.

Along the way, helping you become the artist you always dreamed of becoming.

At Paint Basket Online Art Lessons we are all in this together, learning, chatting and growing as we go. :)

I can attest to the remarkable progress I have made in my art skills since joining Paint Basket. I had absolutely no skill or interest in art until just less than two years ago. Now it's all I want to do.

Taking the drawing classes was the biggest help as I had never drawn anything. Now I feel more confident painting because I can shape things free hand.

Nolan and Dennis are amazing and the Paint Basket members are the best group of people I have ever known.


Help Me to Help You

artists helping artists

Teaching other people to love and excel at art is my passion and amazing people like yourself make that possible.

I would like to become your mentor and teach you every single thing I know about art.

In order for me to do that I ask that you become one of my patrons by supporting me with a small amount every month.

In return I will give you access to all my existing classes and courses along with access to the new ones I am constantly creating.

As I learn something new I promise to pass this new knowledge on to you, all the while teaching you what I already know.

Together we will go on a journey along the path of discovery as we improve our art.

I will help you skip the 20 year learning curve and jumpstart your art to levels you never thought possible.

You will still need to put in the brush miles to gain experience, but I will be there every step of the way. For you, those brush miles will be fun and exhilarating instead of stressful and frustrating.

As I want to help as many people as possible to discover art, I have set up various levels of support on the site.

That way we can support each other in a way that suits your budget / goals and I can support you with more / less help as you require.

online art lesson collage
Like Upsize, for Artists

or $90 once for a year access.

This level gives you access to everything on the Silver Level plus you get to access all the archived classes. Archived classes are those filmed before HD was the norm. The archive classes are however still good quality and have incredible information in them.

You also get access to my ebooks as well as more support & feedback from me.

View all the Archive Classes you get additional to the Silver Classes & Courses.

  • All the feature of Silver plus...
  • Instantly Access 100+ Archived Classes
  • Download my 75+ Art Ebooks
  • Extra Monthly QnA Video
Platinum Level
Make Your Art Pay For Itself

or $190 once for a year access.

The platinum level is for those that want to not only improve their art, but also earn from their art. Platinum members get access to everything on the Silver and Gold levels plus access to the most comprehensive art marketing course available. This course is so comprehensive that it took me a year of full time work to create. You can view the course content HERE.

  • Note that courses open over a period of time.

  • All Feature of Silver plus...
  • All Features of Gold plus...
  • Access to Sell Your Art Course
  • Access All Additonal Marketing Classes & Courses Added

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